Brief History

Anam Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1991 with a dual business plan. Production of knitted fabrics and sports / terry socks. Over the years, the Sport & Terry socks business kept on growing at a healthy pace.

Management decided to concentrate all efforts on this business and phased out of the knitted fabric operations.

Since its inception, the company had recorded a steady growth which has resulted in export of millions of dozens of socks to many countries in Europe, USA, and Middle East. We specialize in production of 96 to 108 needles terry, covering a wide range of products in this category.

The plant and equipment is mostly from Europe. Our local staff was initially trained by the foreign technicians who then further trained the next batch of employees.

Production facilities are fully integrated, starting from purchasing of yarns, manufacturing, finishing, and packing. We employ about 160 workers and staff for our operational needs.

Our current production capacity is around 30 million pairs per annum.

Our customer base includes a wide range of clients covering distributors and importers, department stores, food stores, private labels, etc.

We are located at Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Karachi, one of the well established industrial areas of the city. Over 50,000 square feet of covered area enables us to have ample space for manufacturing and ware housing of exportable finished goods.